Why choose us?

  • Our cars are enthusiast owned and are maintained to the highest standards.

  • We have an excellent reputation, hard-earned over many years.

  • Our rates are competitive without compromising quality.

  • You may wish to consider alternatives to a white car - although thought by many to be traditional, the 'tradition' really only dates back to the 60's. Part of the problem is that there are so many shades of white. At best the bridal gown will be indistinct against a white car; at worst the car may make the dress look grubby! Try this experiment. Take a sheet of white paper and hold it up against various white objects around the house - especially in natural light. You will clearly see the problem. Even with coloured wedding gowns, a white car is considered by many to be somewhat passé. Professional photographers frequently advise against white cars, particularly with white dresses. Beware wedding car companies suggesting you change photographer - who would you rather trust?

  • Don't confirm a booking for a car without having viewed it. Although most firms are reputable, there are some companies and individuals who buy rusty wrecks and fail to maintain them correctly. We are proud of our cars and will be delighted to show them to you by appointment. We are long-standing members of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club.

  • It may be worth approaching a private owner with a nice car rather than a company where profit is the main raison d'être. We did not buy our cars for wedding hire. We offer them for weddings because we have had so many requests. Also, of course, the fee makes a small contribution towards the not inconsiderable running costs. Mainly though, we do it because we enjoy it!

  • Check how many weddings the car will be used for in a day. We will not book more than one wedding per car, per day, so we will be in no rush to leave.

  • Beware of extra charges - for example, additional journeys or time for photographs. Subject to distance, traffic and your time constraints we are happy to transport the Bridesmaids and/or the Mother of the Bride, if required, at no extra charge.

  • We are flexible - it is your big day and we would like to play a small part in the smooth running of the occasion. We will help in any way we can, including waiting outside with the car during the service to direct any latecomers.

  • Rest assured that it will not rain on your special day. We do, however, carry large umbrellas for shade if necessary!

  • Do you have a date in mind? Subject to availability, we will be happy to reserve the car for you for a period of 10 days, without payment or obligation, to enable you to book the church and reception venue.

Full details are available upon request.
All our cars are available for inspection by appointment.